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How Duterte gov’t uses int’l obligation for anti-terror law, then skirts it for death penalty

There seems to be a double standard, said Opposition Representative Cristopher "Kit" Belmonte in a Zoom hearing of the lower chamber on Wednesday, August 5, on the bills seeking a return of the death penalty.

51% of Filipinos think it’s dangerous to publish anything critical about Duterte admin — SWS

Fifty-one percent of Filipinos think that it is dangerous to publish critical statements about the Duterte administration, the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released on Friday showed. The latest survey, which was conducted from July 3 to 6, showed that of the 51 percent, 23 percent of these say they “strongly agree” while 27 percent “somewhat agree” with the statement: “It is dangerous to print or broadcast anything critical of the administration, even if it is the truth.”

Asymptomatic coronavirus carriers have high viral loads: study

A team of researchers led by Seungjae Lee at Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine analyzed swabs taken between March 6 and March 26 from 303 people isolated at a center in Cheonan, following an outbreak among a religious group in another city.

FPG Insurance

FPG Insurance is a guaranteed waste of money and sanity in a country that desperately needs examples of good business practices.

Dating In The Philippines. What An Expat Thinks.

They say that love makes the world go around. But in this modern age of shiny distractions, how do Filipinos keep the romance strong with so few outlets to show that affection? Let's talk about dating in the Philippines.

What An Expat Thinks Of Philippines Traffic

It's not hard to guess what an Expat thinks about Philippines traffic, but unless you have some context, it doesn't really come into full focus. For many, this traffic is what's already been their whole lives. But what about someone from somewhere else that isn't used to Philippines driving?

Things An Expat Is Thinking In The Philippines.

Do foreigners seem strange sometimes to you? Do you wonder why they seem to not appreciate your gestures? Is it weird that they get bothered by things that seem just fine to you? Here's an evolving list of things foreigners want you to know about how we sometimes think.

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